Senior British League (Written by Adam Proszko)

Portsmouth Table Tennis Club competed in the Senior British League for last 5 years and won 5 years in a row climbing from 4th division to the Premier division. Despite strenuous efforts the Club failed to find a 'home' venue that met TTE Premier Division standards (essentially lighting with 1000 lux over the table). As a result the team had to remain in the Championship Division and as a consequence the team lost several of its best players.

Our current team is :

  • Adam Fuzes,

  • Adeoye Adewale (New player from London),

  • Adam Proszko,

  • Martin Matuzevicius

  • and two new players Jacob and Joseph Goss from Great Yarmouth. 


After the first SBL weekend our team played with mixed successes. On the first day the team lost to Kingfisher 3 - 5 and drew to Horsham Blades 4 - 4. On the second day the team was more united and had shown great spirit and determination. My team won 6 - 2 in both matches against Glasgow and BATTS. Portsmouth are now 3rd in the table and shouldn't have problems with staying up this season.

The team then played its second round of matches in the Senìor British League this weekend. I couldn't support my team this time and sent my players only. After receiving feedback from them I know that the team lost to current leaders Whitworth Academy 3-5 and won against Ravenscroft 6-2 on Saturday and on Sunday they lost to Wymondham 3-5 and drew agaist Ormesby 4-4. The team who played were: Adam Fuzes, Adeoye Adewale, Martin Matuzevicius, Jacob and Joseph Goss. The team is currently 5th place in the table. 

My team then played its 3rd SBL weekend and managed to fulfill a plan settled before each match. It was important to win against Glasgow and Kingfisher to keep those two teams behind us. After loosing to Nottingham 2-6 (last year title contenders) Portsmouth had a comfortable win against Kingfisher 7-1. The team showed great spirit and determination in this match.

On Sunday Portsmouth couldn't get any points against Horsham Blades despite Proszko's heroic two wins with 4-10 down in final 5th set to win 12-10 (agaist Andrew Norwood) and 3-1 in a second match against the top Under-21 player from Denmark (Peter Svenningsen). In the second match of the day Portsmouth played in a "must win" match against Glasgow and started badly being 0-2 down after the first 2 matches. Adam Proszko and Martin Matuzevicis kept the team alive with two wins. The other matches were close get to 3-3. The Portsmouth players managed to hold the last two matches and grabbed the victory 5-3 and secured 2 points. 


Portsmouth is 5th in the table with 12 points and two more weekends to play in the new year - February and March.


The club would like to thank the sponsors Silver Palm Food and Expressive Audio.

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